Email Marketing:  The Most Cost Efficient and Effective Means of Marketing Your Business

Email Marketing

Throughout my experiences overseeing many corporate campaigns, one of the most challenging aspects of business is maintaining and managing good and ongoing communication with clients and prospects. With so many ways to interact with customers, it isn’t always easy determining whether social media, face-to-face, or other marketing channels are the best means of engaging people. And with such an abundance of options to choose from, email marketing is a straight-forward, cost-effective method of reaching out to customers and prospects that can often be overlooked.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience. And if your business isn’t currently building a client email address list, then you may find that you’re being out-paced by your competition. When I was managing a team of elite marketing consultants, we found that small businesses were always looking for ways to connect and build relationships with their leads and customers – this is why it’s imperative that your business make a plan so that you develop an email marketing strategy that you can begin implementing right away. But, it’s precisely because email marketing affords businesses such easy access to customers, that it is very important that you are email marketing responsibly – this means that just because you have permission to email someone doesn’t mean that you should be inundating them with a deluge of your company’s latest sales pitches.

Almost all business professionals spend a significant portion of their day working with emails. In fact, almost 54% of the world’s population uses an email address! This makes email a fantastic opportunity for businesses to reach their target market. In fact, one of the main reasons why email marketing is a great marketing strategy is simply because consumers prefer email – your prospects and customers actually like getting email better than other forms of marketing communication; it’s been estimated that 72% of consumers prefer to receive their promotional messages through email. Also, remember that small businesses have limited budgets and can’t waste their time on marketing methods that won’t resonate with their businesses. Small businesses need to make sure that they maximize the results of every marketing dollar that they spend.

More Advantages of Email Marketing


It’s Super Easy for Customers and Prospects

Most people have access to their email at their fingertips – most people are in constant contact with their smartphones; customers are able to redeem coupons at a whim and can also access any special offers with a push of a button. There are very few people who don’t know how to use email, so your marketing audience is potentially huge.

It’s Fast and Convenient

Your customers have the ability to get information about last minute deals and exclusive offers – email marketing gives businesses the opportunity to get their latest promotional activities in the hands of their customers almost instantly. When your company has new information that they want to communicate quickly, Email is the quickest and simplest method to use.

Email Marketing is Cost-Effective (Cheap!)

Email marketing allows businesses to maximize their marketing budgets while still achieving their overall goals. Despite all the marketing new-fangled schemes digital marketing companies come up with, email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective digital strategies that you can use to reach your market. Marketing tactics like TV or print ads can become very expensive over time, but with email marketing there are very few costs involved. In addition to its low cost, email marketing gives a very high return on investment – according to one study, every $1 spent on email marketing generates approximately $38 in ROI. This shows how amazing Email Marketing can work for small businesses who have a very small marketing budget – you will not find a better marketing bang for your buck!

Email marketing is especially critical when you consider how important mobile devices are to marketing nowadays. The number of consumers using mobile devices climbs on a daily basis. Just consider how often people check their phones during the day – every time somebody checks their phone it is a chance for a brand to reach out and engage with tht customer. This means that your company will need to create business marketing emails with responsive design. This means that images and videos you use should be small so that they can be viewed easily on a mobile device.

Email Marketing can be Automated

Email Automation is a major aspect of email marketing and incorporating automation into your marketing scheme will ramp up your productivity to a whole new level. When you automate your email campaigns, you can more easily adhere to email marketing timelines; automation will allow you to use triggers and workflows to automatically send messages to consumers after they take a specific action. For example, if someone visits your website but leaves without making a purchase, abandoning their cart, your email automation can send them an email to see if they need any help completing their purchase. Email automation will enable you to maximize the potential of every Lead that your business gets and ensures that you never leave a stone unturned when working to capitalize on business opportunities. One of the best things about email marketing is that it frees up your business energies to focus on other tasks, while the automation takes care of the email.

Easy to Personalize Emails

The more our marketing becomes automated, the more our customers place value on personalization – customers want to believe that they are important to us. Today’s consumer is bombarded with marketing messages and they tend to respond best to those that are personalized and relevant. Email marketing allows businesses to personalize their messages to their customers – when you personalize your marketing messages, it helps your customers to build increased loyalty to your business. If you want to stay in the game with your competitors, it is necessary that your business use email marketing because the majority of all emails that are sent on a monthly basis are business emails. When you use the data you’ve collected from your customers to plan more relevant campaigns that your target audience will appreciate and act upon; you can personalize your messages and content based on the subscriber’s preferences and buying habits. It’s amazing what an impact simply using your customer’s name will have on your customer’s potential to buy.

Email Marketing can be Interactive

Email marketing enables businesses to provide different types of interactive content within the body of the email. By creating more interactive email content you’ll not only be able to better engage your customers, but also you can integrate other channels into your marketing. For example, you can use ‘share’ buttons to encourage others to share your content. Like with all your marketing campaigns, you need to track your Email Marketing KPIs – track your successes and challenges over time. Track metrics such as click through rates and conversion, so you can determine which content resonates best with your subscriber.


What Motivates Consumers to sign up for Email Communications:

  • Coupons and Sale Promotions
  • Contests
  • Company News and Updates
  • Loyalty or Rewards Programs
  • Free E-Books
  • Product or Service Information

Based on my many years working both in advertising and business management, I have found the use of email to be a vastly underutilized resource in the business world. Grow your business with email marketing – if you don’t have an email marketing expert on your team, this may be the time to build a partnership with a marketing agency that can help you grow your email list and provide quality content that engages and converts your target audience. Email gives you the ability to maintain communication with all of your different audiences so that you can build the relationships you need to be successful. Let me know if you’ve had great results building an email campaign for your business and how you did it! I love to share success stories!!


Customer Service Excellence and Your Business Bottom Line

Customer Service

Never underestimate the ability of exceptional Customer Service to make your Business stand out from the pack! By consistently providing the highest level of customer service excellence, you maximize your opportunities to achieve success in all interactions. If growing your business is your goal, then it’s critical that you make the most of every opportunity by ensuring that your business makes customer service excellence a top priority.

One of my many different management roles involved overseeing a Team of top marketing consultants whose objective was to help people grow their small, medium, and large-sized businesses. Over and over I was struck by how some of the businesses we worked with seemed able to capitalize on every sales lead, while others seemed to have no end of excuses regarding why they weren’t meeting their business targets. Strategic analysis revealed that the primary difference was whether the company truly had a commitment to building an environment of customer service excellence. Or whether the company’s priorities were more dedicated to maximizing profits, regardless any negative long-term impact to the customer.

Exceptional Customer Service – What is It?

Know Your Customers

You need to take the time to get to know your customers. Your customers appreciate when you personalize the service experience. The more often you use their name, or when you reference some personal bit of information in the discussion, it makes the customer feel that they are important to your business. You should keep customer profiles and update them regularly as you get more information – remember that when customers believe that they have a more personal relationship with your business, they will be much more likely to demonstrate a high degree of customer loyalty. Getting to know your customers and their service preferences is a very important aspect of providing exceptional customer care.

Respond As Quickly As Possible

Whether you are returning a phone call or an email, customers appreciate it when you respond promptly. In general, customers tend to be an impatient lot; 41% of consumers surveyed listed being put on hold as their biggest customer service frustration. Make sure you don’t leave customers waiting, because if this because a service habit at your business, you may not have much business to serve! Also, if your business must use voicemail, ensure that it is checked regularly and that messages are returned promptly. Frequently when people are searching for businesses to work with, they will leave multiple voicemails with multiple companies – sometimes it is a simple matter of whichever company returns the message first that will get the business.

Fix Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes, whether it be in our business or personal life. But the most important thing when providing exceptional customer service, is that we are accountable for our mistakes, we take ownership, and we fix those mistakes as professionally and promptly as possible. Customers are willing to accept our mistakes, so long as we remedy the situation quickly. But if a business makes a mistake, and then shirks responsibility, or if the business makes fixing the mistake a far too complex task, then we will most likely lose that customer forever. Sometimes when a mistake is remedied in an extremely efficient and effective manner, a business can handle the transaction so skillfully that the business gains a devoted customer for life.

Never Assume Anything

In business we must never assume anything – it is imperative that we always ensure that we are communicating accurately with our customers. Many costly business errors can occur as a result of simple miscommunications. To ensure clear communication, an excellent technique is to reiterate what the customer is telling us back to the customer – this ensures us that we are hearing our customer correctly. Always take the time to understand now, rather than make errors that will have to be fixed later. Also, customers find it extremely frustrating when they think they haven’t been listened to clearly – customers appreciate it when we ask for clarification because it demonstrates that we are truly interested in what they have to say.

Share Your Knowledge

Share your knowledge with your clients/customers. One of the best ways to garner good faith with your customer is to continue communicating your knowledge about the product or service even after your have completed your sale. By continuing to educate your customer after the sale, you are letting them know that you value them beyond their financial contribution to your business. Also, when you ensure that your customers have the very best information so that they can benefit best from your product or service, you increase the likelihood that you will have a return customer.

Empathize With Your Customers

The mindset of the very best customer service agents is that the agent and the customer are on the same team, working together to solve the same problem. There is no hierarchy in the agent-customer relationship, just a bond to achieve a common goal. When customers feel like they’re being understood and treated as an equal, they’re more likely to be receptive to the experience and whatever product or service the agent is selling. Occasionally you will be dealing with frustrated or even angry customers. When dealing with customers who are not happy, it is very important to show empathy – let the customer know that their feelings are understandable under the circumstances and give them the peace of mind that you will be working to resolve their concern as quickly as possible. When you empathize and identify with your customers, you are able to work together to build a stronger business and personal relationship, regardless the business challenges.

Exceptional Customer Service is one of the aspects of your business over which you have a lot of control.  Regardless the service challenges that you encounter in the course of doing business, it is how your business reacts to those challenges that largely determines your success.  In the long run, providing exceptional customer service is the most cost-effective means of marketing your business, because happy customers return again and again bringing increased profits and lower cost per sale. Happy customers also provide great word-of-mouth advertising. And today with social media, positive reviews are critical to the success of your business.

Think Long Term – Customers for Life

Repeat business is great for business.  When you create a win-win service experience with your customer, you are much more apt to create a customer for life. Once your business grows a large group of customers for life, your business will become self-sustaining, so long as you continue to practice the service fundamentals that attracted the customer in the first place. Businesses invest much time and resources to attract new customers, so it only makes sense that you would want to provide the very best quality of care so that your business builds a base of Customers for Life.